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Gel Polish
Do you want a long lasting colour on your nails? With this service you will get your nails filed into the shape of your choice, cuticle work and a finish of gel polish... with over 100 colours to pick from to get your desired look you won't be disappointed. Gel polish will last you between 2-3 weeks. It all depends on how you look after your nails, nails are guaranteed for one week after your appointment and any breakages in this time will be fixed complimentary.
Do your nails need strength and durability? A build up of our Protein base gel is applied prior to a colour of your choice. You will also get your nails shaped, as well as cuticle work. This will benefit your natural nails giving them more strength and prolonging your gel polish. This will last approx 3-4 weeks. Your Nails are guaranteed for a week after your service and any breakages in this time will be repaired complimentary.
Soak and Everlast
Nails are buffed and soaked with acetone to remove existing everlast then followed by the everlast treatment (see above for description of everlast)
Soak and Gel Polish
Nails are buffed and soaked with acetone to remove existing gel polish then followed by the gel polish treatment (see above for description of gel polish)
Nail Enhancements
Nails are extended with sculpture technique using acrylic or hard gel dependant on the technician you book. We can suit the length and shape to your preferences. Gel Polish finish included in price. If you wish to book bridal reverse French technique please contact us so that extra time can be allowed. Nails are guaranteed for a week after your service and any breakages within this time will be fixed complimentary.
Nail Infills Gel or Acrylic
Fill in the regrowth on your nails. Nail enhancements are infilled with acrylic or gel dependant on the technician you book. The Gel Polish colour finish of your choice is included in the price and nails are guaranteed for one week after your appointment.
Nail Repair
Chipped or broken nail? We can easily fix it! This is an appointment for up to two nails to be repaired if needed. If additional nail repairs are needed please book two slots.

Bronze Nail Art
Very simple nail art on 1-2 nails on each hand or glitter on all nails. Add to your nail appointment.
Silver Nail Art
Simple nail art on 3-4 nails on each hand. Add to your nail appointment.
Gold Nail Art
Detailed nail art on all nails. Add to your nail appointment.
Platinum Nail Art
Very detailed nail art on all nails. For example: faces. Add to nail appointment.

Shape and Polish
Have your nails tidied and the colour of your choice applied. Allow extra time for your appointment to allow nails to fully dry. £10 for under 12's.
Nails will be filed, cuticles treated, a hand and arm massage and the colour finish of your choice. Please allow extra time for your appointment to allow nails to fully dry. Under 12's £15.
Deluxe Manicure
In this ultimate manicure your skin will be treated to a full exfoliation, massage of the hand and arm, and a polish finish of your choice. Along with all the nail care in our standard manicure... want fabulous looking hands then this is your treatment!!
Damaged, weak or splitting nails? Then this is the treatment for you. Can be applied alone or along with a gel polish, manicure or extension service. The product is pushed deep into the nail plate to strengthen it from within. A course of treatments is recommended.

Shape and Polish Toes
Toe Nails needing some TLC? Have your nails shaped and the colour of your choice applied. We recommend bringing open toes sandals to allow your toes to dry thoroughly £10 for under 12's.
Gel Polish Toes
Want long lasting colour on your toes? Then this is exactly what you need... Colour that lasts for weeks on end and no sandals needed, your toes are dried from the moment we are finished! If you need removal of previously applied gel polish don't forget to add this on to make for a smooth service.
Soak away those working week stresses with our luxury foot bath, followed by rough skin scrub and soothing foot mask. All finished in the colour of your choice... don't forget your flip flops to make drying time easier!
Deluxe Pedicure
Get the above treatment with added massage and treatment of the lower leg included. Complete luxury for your feet.
Pedicure With Gel Polish
Get the combined Pedicure and Gel Polish finish together for the most beautiful feet around!! We love pretty feet :)

Removal of Enhancements
Removal of nail extensions by buffing and soaking nails in acetone.
Removal of Gel Polish
Removal of gel polish by buffing and soaking nails in acetone.

Microblading Consultation
If you are thinking about having microblading we will need you to come in for a consultation. This is to speak with the therapist about your medical history, desired look, and fill out a consultation form. You will need a patch test to make sure you are not allergic to the pigment line that we use.
Microblading is creating the illusion of hair strokes by putting the pigment into the first layer of the skin to give definition and dimension. This treatment is ideal for people with over plucked hair, loss of hair, patchy areas that don't grow back, wrong eyebrow shape/colour. Microblading consultation and patch test is required before this treatment.
Microblading and Powder Ombre
Microblading hair stroke brow with added shading using machine method to give an ombre or powder brow effect. Great for clients with oily skin.
Microblading Correction
Brows previously done elsewhere but need a little tweaking, please book a consultation prior so that we can advise a plan of action.
Microblading Top Up 4-8 Weeks
After your initial treatment a top up is usually required. Please ensure that this is a minimum of four weeks after your previous treatment. In this treatment we can thicken, darken, make any adjustments and replace any hair strokes lost during the healing process.
Microblading Top Up 8 Weeks-2 Years
Brows are topped up to maintain your perfect brows this is usually on an annual basis.

Eyebrow Wax
Brows are waxed using warm wax to give your brows a neat and tidy shape, tweezing and trimming is included if needed. Under 16's must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.
HD Brows
The ultimate brow treatment! Brows are measured, waxed, tinted, trimmed, tweezed and threaded. Finally eyebrow make up is applied for full definition and to hide redness. Giving you the perfect defined brows. Patch test required at least 24hrs before treatment.
Brow Tint
Brows are tinted to a colour to suit your natural hair colour. Patch test required at least 24hrs before the treatment. Treatment will not be performed under any circumstances without a valid patch test.
Brow Tint and Wax
Brows are tinted to a colour to suit your natural hair colour and waxed to get the perfect shape of your brows.

Lash Tint
Lashes will look thicker and longer and can be tinted either brown, black or blue/black. Please note a patch test is required at least 24 hours prior to your treatment.
Lash Lift
Lifting your natural eyelashes from root to tip to enhance your eyes and making lashes look longer and fuller. Results last 4-8 weeks dependant on lash cycle. Patch test required at least 24hrs before the treatment.
Lash Lift and Tint
Lifting and curling your natural eyelashes to enhance them by making them looking longer and thicker, tinting is also included to give you the mascara effect. Patch test required at least 24hrs before the treatment.
Individual Eyelash Extensions
Eyelash extensions are added to each individual eyelash giving them length and volume. Length and volume is discussed with your technician before beginning. Please come to your appointment make-up free. For total volume add a lash tint prior. Patch test required 24hrs before the treatment.
Individual GLAMLash Extensions
Same as above but a lot more lashes applied for a very full very GLAM look.
Express Lashes
Cluster lashes applied for a Glam look. Great for a party weekend. Lashes only designed to last a few days.
Eyelash Infills (2/3 Weeks)
As your own natural lashes shed and regrow we will infill and replace lost lash extensions. Lashes will appear thicker and longer.
Eyelash Infills (3/4 Weeks)
As your own natural lashes shed and regrow we will infill with lash extensions. Lashes will appear thicker and longer.
Lash Removal
Removal of eyelash extensions.

Chin Wax
A few stray hairs? Have them removed quickly and have smooth skin to help your make-up sit flawlessly for weeks.
Lip Wax
Clean up that top lip fuzz with our quick and easy lip wax, for a smooth fuzz free pout!
Lip and Chin Wax
Combination of the above services.

Back, Neck and Shoulder
Tired aching muscles? Or loads or stress on your shoulders? Then relax whilst we remove all that built up tension, we recommend drinking lots of water before your appointment for maximum benefit. Pre and Post natal versions available please contact us for details.
Full Body Massage
Full body massage for total relaxation, pop into one of our cosy relaxing rooms. Tranquil music and one of our highly qualified therapists will massage away all your aches and pains. You will leave feeling relaxed and revitalised.

Spray Tan
Tan is sprayed to your full body. Natural, medium and dark are available to suit your natural skin tone. Exfoliate, wear dark clothes and no deodorant, perfumed products or makeup prior. Tinting, shaving and waxing must be done at least 24hrs prior.
Spray Tan Top-up (within 7 days)
Had your bronzed glow with us within the last 7 days? Then get your colour topped up to keep that gorgeous glowing skin even longer!

Gel Polish Fingers and Toes
Package of getting gel polish on hands and toes
Lash and Brow Tint
Colouring lashes and brows to your desired look.
HD Brows, Lash Lift and Tint
Package of HD Brows, lash lift and tint. See description above for HD Brows and lash lift and tint.
Manicure and Pedicure
Package of manicure and pedicure. See description above for manicure and pedicure.
Spray Tan for 4 People
Girls night out planned and in need of a boost of colour. Come in a group of 4 for a discounted price.

Saline Removal Consultation
Interested in tattoo removal, book this free consultation to discuss options.
Saline Removal Treatment
Saline tattoo removal treatment. Multiple treatments needed.

Callus Peel
Lots of dry skin on your feet? Then add on this treatment to soften hard calluses. Leave the salon with this baby soft skin and a spring in your step.
Collagen Hand Gloves
These amazing collagen gloves will leave your hands looking younger and softer. Can be added onto any service and can even have the tips removed to be performed whilst your gel polish is applied... what are you waiting for?
Hand Massage
Relaxing hand massage for tired or aching hands. Skin will feel smoother and muscle tension released. Add this onto your facial, lash treatment, manicure or pedicure!
Loose Glitter/Mermaid Nails (Per Nail)
Loose Glitter pressed into the top of your gel polish and sealed in with top coat for the ultimate sparkle fix! Who doesn't love a bit of sparkle?
Express Style25
Split End Haircut74
Occasion Hair100
Bridal Styling Trial150

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